It’s never too late to win — Phillip Carter & SOV

This is kin­da quirky. It took a mon­th but Phillip Carter & SOV received some good news — they won a Stel­lar Award. Because of a “tech­ni­cal issue” Carter and the choir were not informed of their Fan Favorite Choir of the Year Award for “Songs from the Storm” until this past week. 

Carter said he was hum­bled and joy­ful for the award because of the fans’ sup­port. “When the peo­ple vote for you, that means you have reached the peo­ple and that’s what real min­istry entails,” he said in a news release. “This whole album is a choir director’s dream because the music is teach­able and easy for choirs and con­gre­ga­tions to con­nect.”

Well, here’s a long due CONGRATS

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