Eye-opener from being sick — JCTV

The last four days I’ve been knocked out from a sinus infection, too out of it to read so I turned to the boob tube for company/entertainment. And what I found out is that regular TV (major networks) doesn’t have much to offer.

I found myself watching NGEO (National Geographic), PBS, Animal Planet…then I stumbled on KPJR, which televises JCTV — a hip, cutting-edge station that shows Christian rock music videos. It’s focus or target audience is teens, 20-somethings, and, well up to 40-somethings, because I became a quick fan. I discovered some excellent musicians, who project a positive image.

The videos on JCTV feature top-notch, short-film features such as Trip Lee and Jai’s hip-hop, “The Invasion” and NewWorldSon’s “Working Man” and high-quality videos from Third Day’s “Children of God” along with concert videos.

In the next couple of posts, I’ll highlight some of the videos that I enjoyed. Below is NewWorldSon.

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