Dove Award winner Krissy Nordhoff overcomes Lyme disease

Kris­sy Nord­hoff won a 2012 Dove Award for Wor­ship Song of the Year for “Your Great Name.”

She cowrote the song with Michael Neale after a two year jour­ney of suf­fer­ing from lyme dis­ease.

It was a debil­i­tat­ing dis­ease. I suf­fered for two years,” Nord­hoff said. “Then I went to this heal­ing ser­vice and the Lord touched me in a way that I had nev­er been touched before. And I want­ed to write a song about (God) that he is who he says he is. He showed me through his heal­ing. And then I got stuck writ­ing, so I brought the song to Michael and I’ll let him explain.”

Neale said he was writ­ing at the piano with the “kids run­ning around the music room and my wife came in the room and said, ‘That’s good. Keep writ­ing.’”

So there’s a lit­tle bit about “Your Great Name.” 

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