Denver band Gungor nets Dove Awards nominations

Gun­gor, which is based in Den­ver, is nom­i­nat­ed for two Dove Awards.

Michael Gun­gor and his wife Lisa gar­nered recog­ni­tion for “Beau­ti­ful Things” for Wor­ship Song of the Year and their album “Ghosts Upon the Earth” is up for Praise and Wor­ship Album of the Year. The group was also nom­i­nat­ed for Gram­my Awards the past two years. 

The Gun­gors run a small church in Den­ver, Bloom, with ser­vices at 5 p.m. Sun­days at First Bap­tist Church, 1373 Grant St., near the state Capi­tol. Bloom also meets dur­ing the week at house ser­vices.

Here’s a link to a sto­ry about the band.

Com­plete list of Dove Award nom­i­na­tions right here.

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