Winter Jam 2011: Rocked Denver

[media-cred­it id=259 align=“aligncenter” width=“480”]Red at Winter Jam 2011 [/media-credit]

Red starts the show with flames a fly­ing.

This is my Twit­ter ver­sion of the con­cert. It rocked. 

News­boys closed the show with “Jesus Freak” and Dun­can twirling, spin­ning on/in his ele­vat­ed drum kit plat­form. Michael Tait is tru­ly an enter­tain­er. Had the crowd laugh­ing while stat­ing the mes­sage “God’s Not Dead.” Also the band filmed a video of “God’s Not Dead,” and it sound­ed dead-on. The CD releas­es this mon­th.

Matthew West per­formed his cur­rent hit song off his CD — Strong Enough, and More. Kut­less with one of my favorites, Strong Tow­er. Dis­ap­point­ed Fire­flight didn’t play a longer set. They are a fun rock­ing band.

And RED set the place on fire, lit­er­al­ly with flames shoot­ing 30 feet in the air. Those are some hard rock­ers.

That’s it for now, got­ta get the com­put­er in the shop.


[media-cred­it id=259 align=“aligncenter” width=“480”]Newsboys performs at Winter Jam at Magness Arena Denver[/media-credit]

News­boys per­forms at Win­ter Jam at Mag­ness Are­na Den­ver

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