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Bar­low­Girl is set to per­form at Heav­en Fest on July 31. Here’s a sto­ry that ran in The Den­ver Post when the sis­ters were town in sup­port of their album, “How Can We Be Silent.” I found a copy of the CD and if you are the first to send me an e-mail at I’ll send you the CD

Fight­ing is a word few Chris­tians embrace, but the sis­ter band Bar­low­Girl is poised for a knock-down, drag-out on behalf of peo­ple who are bat­tered and bro­ken.

On the cov­er of their new CD, “How Can We Be Silent,” sis­ters Bec­ca, Alyssa and Lau­ren Bar­low are posed in a box­ing ring, dressed in den­im and wear­ing a defi­ant gaze.

This whole album is about fight­ing,” said Bec­ca, at 28 the old­est mem­ber of the band. “Fight­ing through the hard times. The whole idea is that it’s time to fight.”

Becca’s favorite track on the CD, “One More Round,” was writ­ten after the sis­ters heard a for­mer foot­ball play­er com­pare life to a box­ing match.

No mat­ter how hard life push­es you down, you have to keep get­ting up,” Bec­ca said.

BarlowGirl’s Mil­lion Voic­es tour was in part a fundrais­er for Mer­cy Min­istries.

Mer­cy Min­istries runs homes for girls ages 13–28 who are trou­bled by eat­ing dis­or­ders, self-harm, unplanned preg­nan­cy and drug and alco­hol addic­tion.

We met the founder, Nan­cy Alcorn, about 10 years ago,” Bec­ca said. “And we knew from that moment we need­ed to be con­nect­ed with this group. There is a wait­ing list 100 girls long. And girls are dying on this wait­ing list.

We want to raise a mil­lion dol­lars on this tour so they can build new homes.”

The sis­ters’ father, Vin­cent, got his daugh­ters start­ed in the music indus­try while he was a youth pas­tor at Wil­low Creek Com­mu­ni­ty Church near Chicago.

My father was writ­ing music for the children’s group at the church,” Bec­ca said. “It was so suc­cess­ful that oth­er church­es through­out the coun­try start­ed hir­ing him to come and preach and play. So he need­ed a band, and he hired us.

Well, not hired,” Bec­ca said with a chuck­le. “We were the cheap­est band he could find.”

For two years, the sis­ters trav­eled and led lead­er­ship a nd wor­ship ser­vices. “We would write songs on the bus for our­selves or our friends.”

Their father pushed them to per­form their own songs and even­tu­al­ly stopped accom­pa­ny­ing them. “After a while he said, ‘It’s not cool that your dad is in the band. So you girls are going to have to learn some instru­ments,’ ” Bec­ca said.

Bar­low­Girl signed a deal with Fer­vent Records in 2003. In 2006, their song, “I Need You to Love Me,” set a record as the No. 1 sin­gle for 13 weeks on the Chris­tian Radio Week­ly chart.

The sis­ter act will release a Christ­mas album, “Home for Christ­mas,” on Sept. 23. The album has 10 clas­sic Christ­mas songs plus an orig­i­nal song, “Hal­lelu­jah (Light Has Come),” all pro­duced with a full orches­tral sound.

It’s total­ly dif­fer­ent from any­thing that we have done in the past,” she said. “We spent a mon­th just on vocals, and that’s unusu­al for us.”

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