Switchfoot on Conan O’Brien


Switch­foot is cur­rent­ly tour­ing in sup­port of “Hel­lo Hur­ri­cane” its sev­en­th stu­dio album. Spe­cial to The Den­ver Post.

Switch­foot made an appear­ance on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” on Wednes­day night, play­ing its new song “Mess of Me” that deals with pre­scrip­tion drug abuse. Switch­foot is cur­rent­ly tour­ing in sup­port of its sev­en­th stu­dio album, “Hel­lo Hur­ri­cane.” Right now the tour does not include a stop in Col­orado.

OK, this if fun­ny: Right after Switch­foot played NBC aired an ad for Sun­day night NFL foot­ball, fea­tur­ing Skillet’s song “Hero.” So much for Chris­tian music not being main­stream.

And if you missed it, Switch­foot chat­ted with me and I fea­tured them in this sto­ry on High­er Note. 

Switchfoot’s song, “This is Home,” was fea­tured in the sec­ond Nar­nia movie, “The Chron­i­cles of Nar­nia: Prince Caspi­an.”

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