Life at crux of Tenth Avenue North’s “The Struggle”

Mike Donehey

Mike Donehey, lead vocals of Tenth Avenue North, performs at Crossroads Church in Wheat Ridge, Colorado on Wednesday night. | Photo by Eliza Marie Somers

“The Struggle” is the third studio release from the band, which has been making music since its inception a dozen years ago when Mike Donehey and Jason Jamison were worship leaders at Palm Beach Atlantic College.

“You wouldn’t want to hear the stuff we did 12 years ago,” said Jamison, who along with Donehey are the two remaining original members. “Like anything else the longer you do it the better you get at it. We’ve all have gotten older and experienced life. We are married with kids. And we base our lyrics and music off of life and what we are going through. We want to be honest with what we’ve been going through. And as Christians we are trying to wrestle with what God’s word says is truth and what I feel. God’s word is truth, and we have to bend ourselves around that.

“Our content is more mature as we have grown as believers and have experienced the Gospel.”

Singer/songwriter and producer Jason Ingram once again joined the band in making the record, but this time he is the sole producer.

“On the first two records we also worked with Phil Larue and Rusty Varenkemp, so we already had five cooks in the kitchen,” Jamison explained. “This time we decided to try one producer to have him 100 percent committed to the project. Somewhere down the line you have to let someone else take the reins. … Jason wrote three songs on record, so it’s just as much a part of him as it is us.”

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