Leigh Nash of Sixpence at Soiled Dove Feb. 15

Leigh Nash of Six­pence None the Richer is in the Den­ver area on Wednes­day Feb. 15 at The Soiled Dove Under­ground in sup­port of her new solo album, “Hymns & Sacred Songs” and tour. 

Nash’s angelic voice helped Six­pence gain crossover audi­ences with “Kiss Me” and “There She Goes,” while the band remained ground­ed in its beliefs. There’s no mis­tak­ing Nash in the solo project with her unique vocals. The album ranges from a coun­try feel with “Sav­ior, Like a Shep­herd (Blessed Jesus)” and its ban­jo pick­ing, to a strong bal­lad on “Pow­er of the Cross” and the poignant lyrics of the wor­ship song “Song of Moses,” which is my favorite on the CD.

Nash gets back­ing from some pow­er names in the Chris­tian music indus­try: Pro­duc­er John Hart­ley (Rebec­ca St. James), Der­ri Daugh­er­ty (Jere­my Camp) along with musi­cians Stu G, Paul Mabury and Matt Stan­field, who have played with Cast­ing Crowns, Hill­song, Steven Cur­tis Chap­man and Man­disa.

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