Joel Osteen: Don’t settle for a C life, God promises more

Joel Osteen Night of Hope Denver

Joel Osteen's Night of Hope opens with a rendition of the national anthem. | Photo by Eliza Marie somers

You’ve heard the saying: Good enough for government work. You’ve probably even said it a few times. Well, “good enough” might just be the reason for this country’s current state of affairs andyour current state of affairs. Well, enough of that.

That was the central theme of Joel Osteen’s message when he was in Denver this summer for A Night of Hope at the Pepsi Center –Don’t settle for good enough.

“Good enough” is only a “C” – that’s just average, but God did not put you here to live a “C” life. God has plans for you, and they are “A” plans. You don’t have to scourer the Bible to find that God wants you to live an abundant life. But it’s not going to fall from the sky like manna, you have to work for it and not settle for “C” or get too comfortable with “C.” (Interesting how comfort starts with a C.) That’s a quick synopsis of Osteen’s message.

Joel Osteen says settling for C's in life is not what God has planned for you. | Photo courtesy of Joel Osteen Ministires

John 10:10: The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life and have it in abundance. – Amplified Bible

“The most powerful source in the universe is with you,” Osteen said. “Stir up your greatness.”

Osteen cited the story of Abram and how his father, Terah, stopped short of the land of Canaan and settled in Haran. (Genesis 11:31) Terah settled for comfort. He did not want to keep on going to the promised land. He was tired. He had lots of animals and family to keep moving. God had great plans for Abram’s father, but Terah settled for a “C,” because it was too hard to keep striving for what God had in store for him. What was promised to Terah went to his son Abram, because Abram kept striving for that “A” life.

Joel Osteen Children Jonathan and Alexandra

Joel Osteen's children, Alexandra and Jonathan, entertain during A Night of Hope in Denver. | Photo by Eliza Marie Somers

Many of us have settled for a “C” and “good enough.” Osteen wants to set a fire to your passion by encouraging you to strive for greatness, not just average. “God has planted seeds of greatness in us. He created us to excel … to succeed in life,” Osteen said.

It’s time to change your attitude and take on this motto: I’ve let good enough be good enough long enough.

Osteen cited Deuteronomy 1:6: “You have stayed long enough on this mountain.” It’s time to pull up stakes and head toward your promise land. Start dreaming again, start striving… God has it all figured out. He will make a way where you don’t see a way. He will connect you with the right people. He will open doors for you.

“God didn’t give up on your dreams, just because you did. Get in agreement with God,” Osteen said. Do the natural, and God will do the supernatural. Do what you can, and God will do what you cannot.

But– and it’s a big but – you have to get out of your own way. If you think you will never overcome that addiction, or meet the right person, or gained that big promotion, you will never succeed. It’s what Joyce Meyer calls “stinkin’ thinkin’.” If you don’t think you will be successful, you will get stuck where you are.

Get rid of that negative mentality and make room in your thinking for God’s promise. God has an “A” in store for you if you don’t settle for a “C.” And don’t get comfortable with a “B” life either, just image what God has in store in you strive for his promises.

You can watch Osteen’s June 24 message from this Lakewood Church in Houston on his website.

A Night of Hope also includes music ministry, a message from Osteen’s wife, Victoria, and his mother, who has overcome cancer.


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2 Responses to Joel Osteen: Don’t settle for a C life, God promises more

  1. Terry DeBoer says:

    A nice summary of their presentation……probably had some great music, too!

  2. Heidi Kortman says:

    There’s something in this post that I must disagree with. God had plans for Abraham. Abraham was told to “Go”, and he did. Terah went along for the walk.

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