Jason Crabb No. 2 behind Taylor Swift

Jason Crabb’s new CD “The Song Lives On” is mak­ing noise as it hit No. 1 on Billboard’s South­ern Gospel sales chart. It is also No. 10 on the Con­tem­po­rary Chris­tian chart and No. 118 on Billboard’s top 200. 

And the DVD is No. 2 behind Tay­lor Swift on the over­all Bill­board Music DVD chart.

Love his voice and he’s just a gen­uine nice guy. 

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11 Responses to Jason Crabb No. 2 behind Taylor Swift

  1. Sue says:

    Thanks, Liz, for the excit­ing news about Jason Crabb’s new CD and DVD. I have them both and just can’t get enough of Jason and his incred­i­ble voice and pas­sion for the Lord. I have met Jason at a con­cert here, in Okla­homa, and he is the real deal, a tru­ly love­ly man with a lov­ing heart. 

  2. Syeoman2004 says:

    Jason is an amaz­ing person.…Heard him in con­cert not long ago and he is just one of a kind.  I hon­est­ly believe that he has the best voice I’ve ever heard.…Can preach to. 

  3. Judy Phipps says:

    Jason Crabb is sim­ply the best ! He is a sweet, down to earth, Jesus lov­ing young man with a voice that will knock your socks off !!! Thanks for fea­tur­ing Jason Crabb !!!

  4. K'Deion Ebanks says:

    Thanks so much, Liz for fea­tur­ing Jason Crabb in this weeks, Den­ver post. Had read your post. So proud of Jason Crabb and his lat­est release titled, The Song Lives On. Have both of his CD and DVD. Love it so much, and tru­ly a bless­ing to me. Love and appre­ci­ate Jason’s heart and his love for good South­ern Gospel music : ) #1        Con­grat­u­la­tions Jason on mak­ing noise with your new release : ) We love you and appre­ci­ate you. 

  5. Cathy says:

    Thank you so much for fea­tur­ing Jason Crabb in the Den­ver Post!  He has sung for years with his fam­i­ly, The Crabb Fam­i­ly and has ven­tured on to a solo career.  He has the most pow­er­ful voice, emo­tion-stir­ring voice and tru­ly loves God.  He has won Gram­mies and Dove Awards and is very deserv­ing of the­se.  Any­one who expe­ri­ences one of Jason’s con­certs come away being blessed and feel­ing the pres­ence of God.  We are very for­tu­nate to have such a fan­tas­tic singer and such a pro­found speak­er for God.  His new CD/DVD is absolute­ly awe­some!!!

  6. thanks for shar­ing ! Awe­some ! Makes my day !

  7. This is so awe­some ! made my day ! God is good !

    • Kimberly says:

      Con­grats to you as well Mrs. Ter­ri for being the moth­er of 4 such amaz­ing kids that have so much tal­ent and their love for God is con­ta­gious. You have done an awe­some job as a moth­er. Jason, Ter­ah and the twins are very lucky to have you as a moth­er. You are all so Blessed!

  8. Teresa says:

    Thank You for Fea­tur­ing Jason Crabb, I enjoy his music so much. I can­not say enough here about how his music touch­es my heart. I lis­ten to his CD’s every sin­gle day and enjoy them over and over. He is an amaz­ing gen­uine tal­ent  who loves the Lord. 

  9. Nita C says:

    I real­ly like the new cd/dvd, I espe­cial­ly like the ren­di­tion of Jesus on the main line the gui­tar and sax solo is excel­lent!, the whole cd is more than worth lis­ten­ing to, the back up singers very good. The CD is just a bless­ing.

  10. Nitac58 says:

    Thank you Liz for post­ing the infor­ma­tion about Jason Crabb’s new cd/dvd, I had for­got to write that ear­lier

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