HeavenFest: Can you spot yourself?


Shel­by Ben­nett, 18, left, and Michelle Archule­ta, 17, drove down from Casper, Wyo., to enjoy a week­end of music — first at Heav­en­Fest on Sat­ur­day and at the Warped Tour on Sun­day. The music fans were up front and cen­ter for one of their favorite bands, Kut­less. Pho­tos by Eliza Marie Somers


Enjoy­ing the scene at Heav­en­Fest.


Itwas a sea of faces as Kut­less would say at Heav­en­Fest at North­ern Hills Chris­tian Church in Brighton. 


Chasen band mem­bers Aaron, right, and Evan were on the side­li­nes for Heav­en­Fest. Evan said he wished he was play­ing the music fes­ti­val that drew close to 40,000 fans to Brighton, Col­orado. When he was younger he said being on stage made him ner­vous, but now he loves it.


A chalk­board that stretched about a 100 feet urges con­cert-goers to express their feel­ings at Heav­en­Fest this mon­th at North­ern Hills Chris­tian Church in Brighton.


Let’s go to the beach, or so it seems at Heav­en­Fest ear­lier this mon­th at North­ern Hills Chris­tian Church in Brighton. Cindy Fal­con of Brighton and her daugh­ter, Ash­ley, 9, enjoy the sun’s rays while they wait for Matthew West to take the main stage. 


Emma Pin­son, 3, of Thorn­ton enjoys a lit­tle Kut­less at Heav­en­Fest while her moth­er and fam­i­ly mem­bers keep a close eye on the tot.


Sev­en­th Day Slum­ber gets the fans involved with their jams at Heav­en­Fest in Brighton, Col­orado.


Skil­let fans get into the music at Heav­en­Fest.


Fans take in Stel­lar Kart at Heav­en­Fest as the sun begins to duck behind the clouds. 



Stel­lar Kart fans feel the groove at the front of the stage at Heav­en­Fest.


Heav­en­Fest brings out the emo­tion in the­se young fans. 


Wait­ing for the next act to hit one of eight stages at Heav­en­Fest.


Jere­my Saw­ick and his son, Jef­frey, 8, trav­eled from Lan­der, Wyo., to take in Heav­en­Fest at North­ern Hills Chris­tian Church in Brighton, Col­orado. The trip was a gift from Sawick’s wife.


The wind picked up dur­ing Third Day’s per­for­mance at Heav­en­Fest, prompt­ing Mac Pow­ell to say his next hair­style will look like this young man’s with the green mohawk.


Mak­ing a fash­ion state­ment in the front row at Heav­en­Fest.

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