Burlap to Cashmere spins gold with new CD

[media-cred­it name=“Donn Jones” align=“aligncenter” width=“460”]Chris Anderson Burlap to Cashmere's Chris Anderson, Johnny Philippidis, Steven Delopoulos, Theodore Pagano, Todd Caldwell[/media-credit]

Chris Ander­son, left to right, John­ny Philip­pidis, Steven Delopoulos, Theodore Pagano and Todd Cald­well return to writ­ing songs after a 13-year hia­tus. | Pho­to by Donn Jones, The Asso­ci­at­ed Press

Folk-rock­ers Burlap to Cash­mere, who received acclaim for their CD “Any­body Out There” in 1998, put their trade­mark song­writ­ing abil­i­ties to the test 13 years lat­er and suc­ceed­ed again with their self-titled CD that releas­es today (July 19) on Jive/Essential Records. 

The long hia­tus is due pri­mar­i­ly to gui­tarist John Philip­pidis being beat­en and left for dead in a road rage inci­dent in New York in 2005. The inci­dent left him in a mon­th-long coma. Work­ing his way back to play­ing gui­tar via video games with his cous­in and front­man Steven Delopoulos, the band reunit­ed with new vig­or, enlist­ing the help of pro­duc­er Mitchell Fromm (Elvis Costel­lo, Paul McCart­ney, Sheryl Crow).

What has result­ed is one of the best well-versed and thought­ful CDs I have heard in a long time, with “The Oth­er Coun­try” draw­ing com­par­isons to Van Mor­rison (one of my favorites) and “Build A Wall” with its Irish-folk infused vibe. It’s a mature offer­ing — music for the think­ing man — that a younger gen­er­a­tion can appre­ci­ate.

The CD takes the lis­ten­er back in time to a place where song­writ­ers Simon and Gar­funkel, Cat Stevens and Har­ry Chap­in ruled the air­waves. Down-to-earth lyrics fuel the CD from the first song, “Don’t For­get to Write” –
I’m an orphan though I see the world as new/
Do you remem­ber when the clouds were gold/
And love was shin­ing through?

to “The Oth­er Coun­try” –
Draw near, the lamb’s await­ing
Where the river runs, through the skies align
From that pelt­ing of a ship, we’ve all be cho­sen
To the great­est cre­ation and his dream design

Among my favorites is the sec­ond song on the CD, “Build A Wall.” It’s rem­i­nis­cent of an Irish folk song — fast-paced, heavy drum­beat and bass, and even a men­tion of “drink­ing whiskey.”

It’s been a long wait from the­se song­writ­ers and har­mony-mak­ers, but lis­ten­ers and fans will find it is well worth it. 

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3 Responses to Burlap to Cashmere spins gold with new CD

  1. great review! i agree that this album is def­i­nite­ly worth the very long wait! This album is the ulti­mate pack­age of stripped down folk rock. With hints of Ray LaM­on­tag­ne, Wilder­ness of Man­i­to­ba, and Mum­ford, they blend up a col­lec­tion of songs that res­onate with visu­als of rail­roads, coun­try­sides, boots, hats, and acoustic gui­tars all wrapped in a sepia hue. This CD will warm you up on cold nights… keep you com­pa­ny on lone­ly nights.. and sing to you on your long dri­ve home. This album is going to make it very hard to play any oth­er cd’s in my stereo for the next few months 🙂

  2. I’m glad they’re back and doing what they love! Check out their lit­tle video on their site, it real­ly gives some insight on their band and their return. http://mediaplayer.creativeonlineteam.com/content/burlaptocashmere/index.html

  3. Adecmr says:

    Love love Burlap soo much! Their music is amaz­ing.

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