Building 429 vs. Sanctus Real, The Afters

Chris­tian music fans have an inter­est­ing dilem­ma tonight. See Build­ing 429 at Den­ver First Church in Engle­wood or Sanc­tus Real, The Afters and Stephanie Smith at South­east Chris­tian Church in Park­er. Which ever way you pick– you win. (Not like a Char­lie Sheen win.) It’s also K-LOVE vs. WAY-FM. It’s too bad the­se are on the same day.

And since I’m into recy­cling, here’s a like to a sto­ry I did a while back on Build­ing 429. 

I have no dilem­ma, I’m still recov­er­ing from the crud that is going around, so my choice is the sofa. 🙁 Please send in your obser­va­tions of the con­certs if you do go. I would love to hear them.

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