Brandon Heath reveals stories behind songs

Dove Award win­ner and Gram­my nom­i­nee Bran­don Heath shares his favorite sto­ries about his songs while record­ing “Give Me Your Eyes — The Acoustic Ses­sions.”

One sto­ry includes a wom­an, who lost her daugh­ter in a car acci­dent after a drunk­en dri­ver hit her, and after hear­ing “I’m Not who I Was” went to the pris­on to for­give the per­son who caused the acci­dent. Anoth­er sto­ry is about a blind boy who typed the words to “Give Me Your Eyes” on a Braille type­writer and sent it to Heath, who has it framed in his house. 

Check out the video. It reveals what an impact Heath has on his lis­ten­ers.

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