BarlowGirl concert causes military strife

The U.S. Army is inves­ti­gat­ing whether sol­diers who refused to attend a Bar­low­Girl con­cert were “pun­ished” by being ban­ished to their bar­racks.

At Fort Eustis in New­port Beach, Va., a staff sergeant told sol­diers they could attend the Chris­tian music con­cert or stay in their bar­racks. But the 80 to 100 or so sol­diers who decid­ed not to attend the con­cert were told they had to stay in the bar­racks and clean them. They were also told not to use cell­phones or com­put­ers. Here’s a link to the AP sto­ry.

The offi­cer apol­o­gized to the sol­diers and said it was not his intent to pros­e­ly­tize.

What do you think about this?

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