Athletes and faith: Should it be played out on field, a la Tim Tebow style?

From the emer­ald gridirons of col­lege and pro sta­di­ums to the fine­ly sift­ed infields of ball­parks, ath­letes are show­ing their faith in var­i­ous ways. 

Tim Tebow is known for the Bib­li­cal mes­sages on his eye­black, which the NCAA has now banned. The Rock­ies Seth Smith comes to the plate with Chris­tian rock blar­ing in the back­ground. Fer­nan­do Vina made a sign of the cross in the dirt sur­round­ing the batter’s box before tak­ing his stance. Ath­letes — young and old — point sky­ward after scor­ing a goal or hit­ting a home run. Stephen Stras­burg, the Nation­als phe­nom, says in a Wash­ing­ton Post sto­ry that he’s deeply reli­gious but keeps his faith under­wraps

Do you think ath­letes should show their faith on the field or should they keep their con­vic­tions to them­selves?

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