Anti-abortion ads to run during Super Bowl

Activist Ter­ry Ran­dall, a long-time Repub­li­can, is run­ning for pres­i­dent as a Democ­rat so he can run anti-abor­tion ads dur­ing the Super Bowl on Feb. 5. 

The ads are graph­ic and accord­ing to the FCC Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions Act net­works must air the cam­paign ads and can­not alter the con­tent. Grand Junc­tion is on the slate for one of 13 mar­kets in which the ads will be aired.

Ran­dall got the idea after a blog­ger — Sophia Bru­ga­to — cre­at­ed #10for­Te­bow on Twit­ter to urge read­ers to donate $10 to pro-life efforts for every touch­down Tim Tebow scored. The blog­ger, who if I read this cor­rect from a CNN report, got preg­nant as a senior in high school, elect­ed not to have an abor­tion and chose moth­er­hood. The blog­ger has since received death threats and hate mail. 

What are your thoughts on this on the anniver­sary of Roe vs. Wade? 

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One Response to Anti-abortion ads to run during Super Bowl

  1. Sweet Corbett says:

    Peo­ple who want the right to kill unborn babies, threat­en­ing to kill the blog­ger again­st it.  Sounds about right. 

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