Ageless Amy Grant gives advice to young artists

Amy Grant, who turns 50 on Thanks­giv­ing this year, says that the beau­ty of aging is you get to do what you love. And for Amy that love is music.

I know the pow­er of music and I had just as much fun doing a Christ­mas con­cert at the Cum­ber­land Assist­ed Liv­ing home for my mom and dad… for the wheel­chairs and gray hairs. And it was fab­u­lous. Just doing some­thing you love as you get old­er,” Grant said. “Tak­ing a hike at 70 or rid­ing a bike at 60. It’s whoo hoo.”

Her advice to young artists: “Sur­round your­self with good peo­ple. Peo­ple with integri­ty. And be gra­cious to every­body you meet. That cof­fee clerk might be the next head of the next biggest com­pa­ny. And that top exec­u­tive might be sell­ing per­fume at the coun­ter the next day. We are just a lit­tle tiny piece of the puz­zle. And what we do is such a tiny wedge of this gigan­tic pie.”

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