A dozen Doves for TobyMac

[media-cred­it id=259 align=“aligncenter” width=“480”]TobyMac at the 2011 Dove Awards[/media-credit]

Toby­Mac gar­ners his 12th Dove Award since the breakup of DC Talk. ~ Pho­to by Eliza Marie Somers

TobyMac’s “Tonight” gar­nered the Dove Award for Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year. It was his 12th Dove out­side of DC Talk.

It’s amaz­ing to work with peo­ple that you love. Espe­cial­ly when they tell you the truth, even when it hurts,” Toby McK­ee­han said. “God just keeps deliv­er­ing songs to me.”

When asked about the hip-hop Chris­tian move­ment break­ing into main­stream media. TMac said: “We should be out there. Gospel has always been ahead of us, pen­e­trat­ing the wall of main­stream.”

McK­ee­han stressed that less is more when he writes music.

I’ve always writ­ten real sim­ply,” he said. “I like to be out there and use peo­ple for my inspi­ra­tion — be it laugh­ing or fight­ing. I just ask God to keep breath­ing songs into me. God just keeps deliv­er­ing and I’m going to keep on.”

McK­ee­han is not only bring God to the mass­es through his music, but the 40-some­thing is giv­ing a hand to young artists try­ing to break into the music world.

I want to invest in young artist. I’m cur­rent­ly work­ing with Jamie Grace– she’s from Atlanta,” he said. “I first heard her on YouTube, she did 14 Toby­Mac songs in 3 min­utes. It was amaz­ing. I did some research on her.… And she is now fol­low­ing me on my hip. She’s singing every­where I go, and the crowds are real­ly into her. I tell her to first — Seek ye the king­dom first.

And she has taught me a lot. I’ve been doing this a long time, and she has inspired me. ”

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